I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with you about my ministry or rather the Lord’s ministry! My heart’s desire is to tell people about the greatest love story ever… Jesus’ Love for us all! My prayer is, through songs of encouragement, people may be strengthened, through songs of challenge they may be constrained to be more like Christ, and through songs of witness that people might come to know Jesus in a real, one to one, relationship like I do! He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! If I may share with you and yours I would love the opportunity!

Thank You Again!

Singing For My Savior!
Diane Anders

For Booking Information: Send E-mail To or contact Jeff Anders at 256-606-8002.

I just wanted to enclose a personal note in Diane Anders’ material. Diane is the wife of our Minister of Music, Jeff Anders. They have been on our staff here for over five years. I want to recommend Diane to you as a singer and as a unique Christian woman whom God has richly blessed with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Not only is her voice superb, but the spirit with which she is able to deliver a message in song is inspirational. If you could use her in a conference or revival meeting, you and those attending would be blessed.

I know as a Pastor that many people call and recommend people to sing. Some of them are everything that the person recommending them says that they are. Others, of course, are not. I say that to let you know that I would not write this note if I didn’t believe that you would find Diane’s voice, spirit and character everything that I have said and more.

If you would like further recommendation, I would be glad to provide it.

Steve Caudle, Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church

From the first time I heard Diane Anders sing, I knew that not only has God gifted her with a phenomenal voice, but also an anointing that touches others.

Along with that anointing and voice, she is a lady with a beautiful spirit that gives God the glory.

I highly recommend the ministry, the life and the person of Diane Anders.

C. Aaron Wilburn
Aaron Wilburn Music Group, Inc.

Jeff and Diane Anders served with me as Minister of Music and Youth for approximately five and a half years during my ministry at the Greenwood Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia. The Music and Youth ministry grew tremendously during their tenure with us.

Diane blessed us with her wonderful Christian spirit and marvelous voice. In my opinion, she is one of the top Gospel soloist in the country. The congregation and I considered ourselves so fortunate to have her with us each week. It pleased me GREATLY to learn that she was now recording and ministering through concerts so that many others could be blessed by her ministry.

One need only to meet her and hear her sing one time and they will understand why I recommend her so energetically. Diane’s singing is not just a performance. It is a very effective ministry. God has wonderfully blessed her with a marvelous voice and she uses it for her Lord. She never promotes “Diane”. She promotes Jesus and His Church!

I can assure you that if you and your congregation invite her one time, you will have her back again and again. She will be a wonderful blessing to your church. I consider it an honor to recommend her to you.

Dr. Clyde C. Stokes, Pastor
Charity Baptist Church

Diane Anders has one of the greatest voices you will ever hear. She uses her voice to bring glory to God. She has the ability to communicate the gospel powerfully through song. She has been singing for many years, and has always been simple yet clear and convicting in her delivery of a song. She has a genuine Christian testimony and is respected well in her home church and community. She is a devoted wife and loving mother which gives her testimony and talents even more credibility. I highly recommend Diane Anders to minister through song in your church services, conferences, retreats and banquets. You will be blessed and Christ will be honored.

Evangelist Michael Mason
Decatur, Alabama