All of my life I’ve tried be a “GOOD GIRL” for fear of not being loved or “good enough”! I was the kind of person who did not smoke or drink for fear of what those things would do to me! If Mom and Dad said “do it” I simply did it!

Years later while in college I met my husband Jeffery and we married! While I was still in the hospital following our daughters birth, Jeff called me on the phone from a revival at church and said, “Diane, I just got Saved but I have to go we are still having the invitation!”

Well, I hung up the phone totally SHOCKED! Jeff had always attended church and I hadn’t! What did that make me? If He wasn’t saved before then what was I? I began to really study the Bible and listened to sermons, I got rid of anything I thought would stand between me and God! At night I would lie awake and cry; sometimes turning to Jeff and asking Him, “Honey am I saved, surely I am”. In His wisdom I’ll never forget Jeff said, “Diane I can’t say for you, I can only say for me.”

I was still restless, tossing and turning over and over that same question…Am I Saved? Then one early morning with Jeff still asleep on the bed I knelt beside the bed and I just plainly asked the Lord, “Jesus, what do I have to do to be saved?” I’ll never forget what happened next! It was not an audible voice, but very gently God spoke to my heart! God said, “Diane, it’s not what you’ve done or can do but what I have already done for you!” At that very moment a light went on in my heart and my mind, “Yes Lord, it is what you have done!”

I then prayed kneeling there beside my bed and asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart!!!! What a weight that was lifted from my troubled soul that very moment. What a life-changing difference God had made in my life! No, I’m not perfect, not even good, for the Bible says, “There is none good, no not one.”

Jesus is the best friend I’ve ever had! He is a comfort, a Father, a Friend, a Counselor and everything I need! I ask you, if you do not know Him, let me introduce you to this friend of mine, JESUS!